SHAFER, Nicholas O'Neill

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SHAFER, Nicholas O'Neill (1989-2008) was born in Ventura, California and had begun a career as a commercial fisherman. He was accidentally killed on August 27, 2008 by a Eucalyptus branch which fell on him while he was driving a car near pebbly Beach. He was 18 years old. Jeffrey A. Tucker, Jr. was injured in the accident and survived. Shafer was survived by his mother, Shawn O'Neill; stepmother Dianne Sinner; brother, William Shafer; sister, Samantha Shafer; and nieces, Mariah and Jana Brown. He was preceded by his father, Bill Shafer. Family members filed suit against the Santa Catalina Island Company for damages due to alleged negligence and wrongful death, but the suit was dismissed. [1]