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1835 Torqua
1895 Crest
1897 Minna
1909 Zaza
1912 Dora
1914 Edith
1914 Mary Ann
1915 Freda
1915 Blucher
1918 + refloated Bacchus
1922 Suwa
1923 Hiawatha
1928 Guaiacum
1931 Windward
1932 Unnamed (see below)
1933 Valencia
1934 Bertha M
1936 Sanyo
1937 Koka
1937 Sport
1940 Agram
1941 Adonde
1949 Marjorie Mae
1950 May Bee
1950 7-11
1950 Venture II
1951 Skipjack
1952 Golden Star
1952 American Rose
1953 Addie May
1954 Redeemer
1954 American Beauty
1955 Susie- cabin cruiser
1956 LSM 455
1957 Bright
1957 Happy Day
1958 Medusa
1958 Vincent A
1959 Santa Sofia
1960 Early Bird
1961 Minnie Belle
1962 Kingfisher
1962 Sea Duce
1963 Nixie
1963 Jackie Diane
1965 Arline F
1965 Leona G
1965 Reliant
1966 Rex
1966 White Eagle
1969 U.S.S. ''Burrfish''
1969 U.S.S. ''Day''
1969 Gene's Folly
1970 U.S.S. ''Moray''
1971 John C. Butler
1972 Brutus
1972 Buccaneer
1972 Gregory
1973 Santana
1975 Polynesian Diakan
1978 Fugitive
1987 San Diego (fishing vessel)
2005 Conquest
2013 Uncontrollable Urge
2017 unnamed (See below)

In the News~

September 9, 1925 [SDET]: “San Pedro. A message stating that the motor yacht Helene was out of gasoline and helpless northwest of San Clemente Island was picked up in a bottle at Newport Beach and turned over to custom officials here. All the Helenes and Helens of the port were found to be at anchor or otherwise accounted for. The message was dated August 30.”

February 22, 1927 [SDET]: “Police probe mystery of fisherman. Investigation of the mysterious disappearance of Capt. Henry Smith, jig-boat fisherman of San Pedro, is being conducted today by San Pedro port police and sheriff's deputies, after it was learned yesterday the Captain Smith's watch had been returned to his mother, Mrs. M. L. Simpson of 2856 Fifth Street, San Diego. Captain Smith's boat, the Katherine, was found drifting off San Clemente Island February 4, according to the story told police by J. E. Swanson, also a San Pedro fisherman. The boat was crewless, and Swanson said that the only thing he found aboard it was Smith's coat with his watch in it. Mrs. Simpson here was given the watch by Elizabeth Jerue, a San Pedro acquaintance of Smith. Mrs. Jerue told San Pedro police that she returned the watch after it had been given her by Swanson. Swanson is said to have acquired approximately $300 as salvage money from Capt. Smith's Katherine, now in custody of Mrs. Jerue, according to information learned yesterday by the police at San Pedro. Swanson is thought to be at sea now on a fishing trip.”

May 18, 1931 [SDET]: “Guards rescue stranded fish boat crew. Abandoning their fishing boat, the San Gabriel, after it caught fire Saturday morning 20 miles from Pyramid Cove, San Clemente Island, three San Diego fishermen were rescued yesterday from the island by Coast Guard cutter No. 253. The three were S. L. Stanley, captain, Paul Iviovic and Eugene Garcia. Except for slight burns received by Garcia, the fishermen were uninjured, although they suffered from lack of food. The fire of undetermined origin broke out on the boat at 8 a.m. Saturday. The fishermen abandoned their craft after battling the flames unsuccessfully for two hours. The 20-mile trip to Pyramid Cove was made in a small skiff, which had no oar locks. The Coast Guard cutter, commanded by Boatswain L. H. Williams, sighted the fishermen yesterday noon, when they signaled as the cutter swung past Pyramid Cove. The San Gabriel, a 65-ton craft, was owned by R. Hopkins of San Diego. Three tons of iced fish were aboard.”

April 18, 1932 [SDET]: “Newlyweds safe, but boat on rocks. San Pedro, April 18 — Missing nearly a week on a honeymoon trip in a 50-foot boat to Catalina Island, Mr. and Mrs. Hoot Ralph are safe on San Clemente Island, their boat a wreck on the rocks, according to word received here by the Coast Guard. The honeymooners were given shelter on a ranch on the island.”

November 8, 1969 [LAT]: “A sinking cabin cruiser with two persons aboard was towed into a sheltered inlet on San Clemente Island by a Navy torpedo boat Thursday night. The 26-foot San Clemente radioed for help after it was caught in a rain squall and began taking on water.”

November 10, 1969 [Nevada State Journal]: “Navy Rescues Cabin Cruiser. Long Beach—A sinking cabin cruiser with two persons aboard was towed to safety by a Navy torpedo boat less than an hour after the craft radioed for assistance. The Navy craft towed the 26-foot San Clemente to Wilson's Cove, a sheltered inlet on San Clemente Island. The cruiser was caught in a rain squall and was taking on water when it sent out the distress call.”

August 31, 2017 [Catalina Islander]: “Two Harbor deputies handled a boat accident investigation where a boat went aground at San Clemente Island. The U.S. Coast Guard airlifted the boater off the Island. There were no injuries.”