SHORT, Raymond Wilson

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SHORT, Raymond Wilson (1894-1913), son of Captain Henry Short who died as a result of an injury he sustained on Santa Cruz Island that became infected with tetanus.

In the News~

July 19, 1910 [SBI]: “A. M. Pierce returned last evening in the launch Charm from Santa Cruz Island after an unsuccessful search for the body of his daughter, Isabel Pierce, who was drowned ten days ago in Cueva Valdez. Every effort has been made since the accident to find the body, but the search has proved fruitless and Mr. Pierce has almost given up hope. The depth of water and the constant current, coupled with the heavy kelp at that place, were all against the searching party. Dynamite was used extensively at and near the scene of the accident and around the rock, where the girl was last seen, but all were in vain. Assisting Mr. Pierce in the search were Captain Henry Short, Ed Stevens, John Warnell, Eugene Whitcomb, Frederick Conant and Raymond Short. A sharp lookout will be maintained for the next week. A large party of Los Angeles people are camping about two miles from the place, and the Japanese fishermen are out that way at least every other day. Captain Short will make another trip to the islands the last of this week.”

August 5, 1910 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Charm returned last night from a ten days’ pleasure cruise around the Santa Barbara islands, having on board a party of Carpinterians who report a most delightful voyage. They visited and encircled four islands of the group: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Anacapa. At San Miguel they were entertained at the ranch house of Captain W. G. Waters, and saw all of the many natural attractions that make this most western isle of the Santa Barbara aggregation interesting. They also saw the points of interest on Santa Rosa Island, and were hospitably received at the home of the manager of the big cattle ranch, Frank Pepper. They lingered for a day or two at different camping places on Santa Cruz, and the last place visited was Anacapa Island where Mr. Webster of Ventura, the lessee of the island, has a pretty camp. The trip was one of both pleasure and educational profit, and will be long remembered by those who formed the party. The voyagers were Joseph and Edward Moore, Anna Moore, Henry Fish, Julia Fish, Thomas Fish, Miss Hammond, Miss Oglesby, Miss Gorham, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Alexander, Raymond and Margaret Short and Captain H. S. Short, the owner of the Charm.”

August 13, 1912 [SBMP]: “Island party safely returns as relatives become alarmed. Disabled engine causes Charm to wait at Valdez for a tow… Knowing that something was wrong, Captain Rosaline Vasquez, accompanied by Nathan Bents and C. A. Edwards and others left for the island yesterday on the Gussie M. They arrived at Cueva Valdez at 3 o’clock, a short time before a rowboat arrived from Fry’s Harbor with provisions. At the time, the party did not know, but another night would have to be passed at Valdez with the Charm in tow. The Gussie M started for the mainland at 4 o’clock arriving here at 10:00 o’clock. Some of the passengers had been transferred to the Gussie M, but upon arriving here were landed by rowboat… Captain Short had provided a large supply of French bread, but when the delicacies were run out of yesterday, the stranded passengers gathered mussels and a fine chowder was prepared. That was the last meal on the island. When it appeared probably in the afternoon that another night would be passed on the island, Raymond Short, Captain Short’s son, and Clarence McDansions went to Fry’s Harbor for provisions, but returned when the Gussie M appeared…”

September 16, 1913 [SBMP]: “Captain Henry S. Short and Miss Lillian Powell Jones were married Sunday afternoon in the presence of a few friends at Grace Lutheran church. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G. P. Goll, and the special music for the occasion was provided by Mrs. Walter N. Grant. Captain Short has for many years been connected with waterfront activities, as the owner of the Charm and other vessels. Miss Jones was affiliated with the visiting nurses’ association. Immediately following the wedding Captain and Mrs. Short left for the islands on the Charm and there their honeymoon will be spent. The following were present at the wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Bell, Dr. Laura Fitch Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. Mason MacKinstry, the Misses McCollum, Mary Louise Cole, Lillian Gaddis, Etta Smith, Dorothy Myers, Margaret Short and Raymond Short.”

December 15, 1913 [SBDN]: “The funeral of Raymond Short, son of Captain Short, will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o’clock from the L. E. Gagnier undertaking chapel. Rev. Warren D. More of the Presbyterian church and the Rev. Phillip Goll of the Lutheran church will have charge of the services. The pallbearers will be selected from among the members of the high school class, of which the decedent was a member. The remains will be laid to rest beside those of his mother in the Santa Barbara Cemetery.”

December 16, 1913 [SBMP]: “Popular high school boy, son of Captain H. S. Short, victim of pneumonia. The death of Raymond Wilson Short, son of Captain Henry S. Short, and a member of the junior class of the high school comes as an unexpected blow to his family and to his many young friends. The lad was 19 years of age, an unusually bright boy, and likable. During vacations he was with his father constantly on their boat, the Charm. It was at the islands about two weeks ago that the trouble which ended yesterday in his death, began. He injured one of his feet, and blood poisoning set in a few days later. An attack of pneumonia found him in such a weakened condition that he was not able to rally. He passed away at 4 o’clock yesterday morning at the family home on Anacapa Street. His sister Margaret, and their stepmother were with him… The launch Gussie M, Captain Ira Eaton, started early yesterday morning to carry the sad intelligence to the bereaved father. At a late hour last night, neither the Gussie M nor the Charm had reached port. Funeral arrangements are awaiting the arrival of Captain Short. The young man was born in Santa Barbara, and had spent his life in this city. His mother died about six years ago.”