SILVERIRA, Jose Ancelmo

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SILVERIRA, Jose Ancelmo ( -1901)

In the News~

July 29, 1901 [LAT]: “Old man probably lost. Capt. Cornell of the Mascot, while returning from the Isthmus last evening about dusk, when off Long Point, saw a small sailboat near his pathway, which was apparently drifting. He ran close up and hailed it, but no response came and he boarded it to investigate. The mainsail was set and tied, while the jib was down. A bone jig hook was out, and two other lines, fouled, lay on the deck. In the boat were two nets, various fishing apparatus, a pair of gum boots, several loaves of bread and a demijohn of "Dago red." Cornell towed the boat into Avalon, and it has been identified here as belonging to Jose Ancelmo Silverira, an old fisherman of Wilmington. Appearances indicate that the old man was out fishing and by a lurch of the boat or while pulling down his jib, fell overboard. The line out shows that he was fishing, but what befell him can only be conjectured. He was a man past sixty years of age.”