SKAER, Arthur H., Jr.

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Pilot Arthur Skaer

SKAER, Arthur Henry, Jr. ( -1935), disappeared while flying an Army Reserve test flier on July 30, 1935 near San Clemente Island.

In the News~

July 30, 1935 [News-Herald, Franklin, PA]: “Los Angeles, July 31. — A dozen planes flew over the Palos Verdes hills early today hunting Lieut. Arthur Skaer, Army Reserve test flier lost in a new "mystery pursuit plane" reported to be the fastest in the world. Fear was expressed not only for the safety of Skaer, but for the secrets of the plane's design, a closely guarded military secret. Skaer has not been seen since he headed south along the coast after his take-off from Mines Field yesterday. The fast-flying fighter is said to be capable of 300 miles an hours. Its design is known only to army officials and employees of the Northrop factory, where it was built. National Guard planes and ships of the sheriff's air detail took off at dawn to comb the 200-mile coastal strip from San Diego northward. Planes from the army air base at March Field, Riverside, Cal., may join the search.”

August 3, 1935 [LAT]: “False lead marks lost plane hunt. Wreck that of another craft. Search for the Army’s missing mystery plane in which Lieutenant Arthur H. Skaer, Jr., disappeared last Tuesday caused some excitement yesterday when a mass of aircraft wreckage was sighted in a rugged arroyo on San Clemente Island, but the wreck proved to be that of another plane…”