SMITH, Huron Herbert

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Huron Herbert Smith, Milwaukee Public Museum, 1925

SMITH, Huron Herbert (1883-1933), Indiana-born ethnobotanist who became the first official Curator of Botany at the Milwaukee Public Museum when the department was created in 1912. Smith spent about five weeks on Santa Catalina Island from May 26 to July 4, 1912. He collected 142 numbers: vicinity of Avalon, Avalon Valley, valley-end trails up to 1200 feet altitude, Pebble Beach Road, Pebble Beach Canyon, Rock Spring Canyon, Summit, Hay Press and Middle Ranch Canyon, Silver Canyon, White's Beach Valley, Swain's Canyon. [Millspaugh & Nuttall]. His specimens are at the Field Museum, Chicago, as are about 48 photos he took while on Santa Catalina Island.

Smith died on February 25, 1933, in Glenview, Illinois, at the age of 49, and was buried in Madison County, Indiana.

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