SMITH, Ross Morrison

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SMITH, Ross Morrison (1927-1953), 25-year-old diver who drowned at Santa Cruz Island on April 23, 1953.

In the News~

April 24, 1953 [LBI]: “Diver drowns as mask slips during descent. A Santa Barbara deep-sea diver whose mask slipped off while diving off Santa Cruz Island was dead on arrival at San Diego late Thursday via Coast Guard rescue plane. The Coast Guard identified the diver as Ross Smith. They said he was diving in shallow water from the boat Bonnie Lee about 4 P.M. when the accident happened. He died despite efforts of the boat’s crew at artificial resuscitation.”

April 24, 1953 [The Fresno Bee]: “Abalone diver drowns as equipment fails. San Diego—Coast Guard rescue efforts failed to save Ross Smith, about 25, an abalone diver of Santa Barbara, when his equipment failed in 60 feet of water. He was pulled from the sea near Santa Cruz Island by a crew of a seaplane dispatched from here.”