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SMITH, William Sidney Tangier (1869-1962), native Californian and geologist who authored several works on the California Channel Islands. His first publication on the geology of Santa Catalina Island was published when he was a PhD student at the University of California. Smith died in Menlo Park at age 93 on December 20, 1962 after a long period of failing health.

Smith's wife, Ruth Wales Hobson [Tangier Smith] (1870-1959), also published an article about San Clemente Island.

» Smith, William Sidney Tangier The Geology of Santa Catalina Island in California Academy of Sciences, Third Series, 1(1):2-71, 1897-1904 (published Feb. 4, 1897)

» Smith, William Sidney Tangier A Geological Sketch of San Clemente Island in 18th annual report of the U.S. Geological survey, 1896-97, pt. II (459-496) + 13 plates, 1898

» Smith, Tangier Marine Terraces on Santa Catalina Island 25(146)5th series:123-136, 1933


» Smith, Ruth Tangier One of California's Desert Islands in Land of Sunshine 10:65-72, 1898-1899

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June 1, 1907: “Sir: I hereby tender my resignation as assistant geologist on the United States Geological Survey. This action was fully determined upon four years ago, but was deleayed, at first until I should have finished the work upon which I was then engaged, and, later, as a measure of self-protection while my report of that work was in the hands of the editorial staff…