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SNYDER, Peter ( - ) See Banning photos Huntington. Box #3. Hancock Banning noted: “Pete Snyder, a red-haired Belgian, a wonderful camp cook, swearer, liquor drinker and manager at our bath house in Avalon. He was called ‘Bath House Pete.’

» Mosquito Harbor, San Clemente Island

In the News~

October 5, 1902 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Vincente Moricich, the island constable and veteran fisherman, Pete Snyder, Julian Arce and John DeCourt went across the channel this morning to San Juan Capistrano in the launch Mascot. They propose to spend a fortnight at the hot springs of that place.”

July 18, 1916 [TI/Avalon]: “Pete Snider [Snyder] has signed a 5 year lease for the camping rights at Mosquito Harbor, San Clemente Island, and has taken over possession of the camp. For many years, ‘Pete’ has cooked for campers on Catalina and San Clemente islands. He is known by many sportsmen in the hospitable capacity of a first class cook and caterer. And Pete is arranging to install a 25,000-gallon water tank. At present he has accommodations for 20 persons. Captain A. Shade who formerly owned the camp has left for the mainland. Mosquito Camp is used by Mr. Z. Grey, W. C. Boschen, Gifford Pinchot and almost every member of the Tuna Club.”

July 3, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Captain O. I. Danielson and Captain I. L. Newberry have just returned from San Clemente Island, where they participated in ‘Opening night’ at Snyder’s Swordfish Camp at Mosquito Harbor. It is well worth a trip to this beautiful spot, with its new buildings and colorful tents, surrounded by fig trees and flowers, backed up by the precipitous cliffs and furrowed canyons, just to sit in the warmth of ‘Pete’s’ genial smile, and gaze far out on the placid, mirror-like surface of the channel…”

January 22, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Pete Snyder, of San Clemente [Island] fame, is managing a café and restaurant for the National Ship Building Co. at Orange, Texas, and The Islander is informed that he is catering to 800 men, in thirty minutes, three times a day, and anyone who has visited the Snyder Camp at San Clemente knows that Pete is some caterer. He expects to return to California about May 1st, and will again take care of his aristocratic resort on Clemente, which is patronized by some of the most notable anglers in the world.”

March 5, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Pete Snyder of San Clemente, who is wintering at Orange, Texas, is some booster for Catalina Island. He writes: ‘Send me four copies of The Islander weekly, as everybody here likes to read the Catalina Island paper.’”

March 28, 1918 [B. W. Evermann field notes/CAS]: “Mosquito Cove has a good club house built a year or two ago for Peter Snyder, an ex-commissary chief or cook, who established this camp where he entertains swordfishermen in the season, (July-October). Besides kitchen and a small room or two there is one good sized room sealed nicely in which are several cots. The place is now in charge of a caretaker, Frank E. Shroyer of Avalon. Shroyer has been here all alone since last October He came originally from Pennsylvania. Is about 65 years old, rheumatic and crippled. Snyder is now in New Orleans cooking for a fish company or something. Will be back here in June…”

May 14, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Pete Snyder of San Clemente fame expects to open his camp at Mosquito Harbor about June 20th. Mr. Snyder has been spending the winter in Texas.”