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SPENCER, Denver (1900-1973) [SS#432-10-6133]

In the News~

May 5, 1939 Log of San Nicolas Island 1938-1939: “...Bagaduce arrived this morning. New man seems to be a nice fellow, although is plenty tough. Knows his business. Bob had been pretty careless and left the station in quite a mess. The new R/M's [radioman's] name is Denver Spencer. He will be permanent here and will bring is 18-year-old wife out as soon as their house is built. Received a box from mama, also Reg's overalls from Margaret. Spencer brought out our cigarettes, also candy and sugar. Ventura Library sent me out a new novel. Also received from Dr. Cockerell in Colorado, his book on Catalina Island. I must write him a letter of thanks. When the new station is built I will have use of the big Frigidaire and of the running water, which will be too swell! While Reg and Denver were opening station supplies, they came across a box marked "flashlight" for San Clemente Island which is all Navy Reserve. Imagine their surprise, (and Spencer's delight) to find, instead of a flashlight, a bottle of Johnny Walker Whiskey! So now we know how the big sots on San Clemente smuggle in their liquor. EL [Evelyn Lamberth]”

April 30, 1940 [Oakland Tribune]: “Island off L.A. vanishing but animals increase. Los Angeles, April 30. Tiny San Nicholas [sic] Island, Western-most of the Channel Islands, 65 miles off Los Angeles Harbor, is fast disappearing but its wild life is on the increase. Scientists of the Los Angeles COunty Museum Biological Survey have returned from three weeks of exploration with 200 specimens of vertebrates, mostly endemic to the island, some of which had not been reported before. Jack Von Bloeker, mammalogist said "There must be 3000 foxes on the island, and they eat everything from shellfish to cactus apples. They are vicious fighter." Von Bloeker added that the foxes, isolated probably since Pleistocene times, have grown much longer and have bushier tails than foxes of other Channel Islands. Erosion by wind wind and rain is leveling the island, the scientist said. The only resident on the island is Denver Spencer, who operates the United States naval station. The exploration cruiser, Velero III, brought Mrs. Spencer for a vacation at San Diego.”