SPRONG, Russell

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Don Meadows, Theodore Reddick, Arthur Woodward, Jack Von Bloeker, Jr., Lloyd Martin, Russell Sprong (cook)
San Clemente Island, April 1939

SPRONG, Russell Edwards (1894-1956) joined the second expedition of the Los Angeles County Museum's Biological Survey to San Clemente Island

In the News~

April 10, 1939 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “No snakes on San Clemente Island, report scientists. The story had to be told three weeks after St. Patrick's day, for apparently no one knew about it before, but there are no snakes on San Clemente Island! This fact was determined by a party of six scientists from the Los Angeles museum who returned to San Pedro Saturday after a week on the island, the first exploration party send out in a proposed five-year archaeological, biological and botanical survey of the channel group. The six, Don Meadows, Arthur Woodward, Theodore Reddick, J. von Bloeker, M. B. Dunkle, Lloyd Martin and Russell Sprong, reported discovering a cave 80 feet wide, 30 feet above the tide level, on the southeast tip of the island. In it they found three skeletons, the body of an owl, wrapped in blue and white cloth, apparently for ceremonial rights and other signs indicating San Clemente was inhabited more than 100 years ago. They brought back 5000 dead insects. The scientists also reported finding five live scarabs of a type never before recorded, a mouse of similar status, a fox, some lizards found only on the island and many plants. Reddick also reported falling into a clump of cholla cactus, with which the island is covered, and being disabled for two days. They reported finding the sites of 30 Indian villages, but no evidence the soil had been cultivated. The trip was made on the state fish and game patrol boats Tuna and Yellowtail. Another trip is to be made to Santa Barbara Island within six weeks.”