STANSON, George Curtin

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STANSON, George Curtin (1885-1974), born Gjura Stojana in Brisout, France, he was educated in Europe and the Orient. After arriving in America in 1901, he adopted the name George Curtin Stanson until 1929 when he had it legally changed back to his birth name. In 1908-1909 he studied in San Francisco at the Institute of Art and then worked in the art department of the San Francisco Chronicle. In 1918 he moved to Los Angeles where he exhibited locally and had a studio-home. Stanson divided his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe, New Mexico until his death on September 16, 1974.

In the News~

August 1, 1914 [SBMP]: “G. C. Stanson of the San Francisco Chronicle art department is spending some time on Santa Cruz Island making sketches for use in his paper. He is enraptured with the natural beauties of the island, and has already secured some very fine bit of scenery for his easel. Mr. Stanson came over to the mainland from Pelican Bay yesterday, but he will return to the island for more material.”