STELLER, Georg Wilhelm

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Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746)
Steller Sea Lions are found at San Miguel Island
Photograph by Marla Daily

STELLER, George Wilhelm (1709-1746)

Palmer, T. S. Nomenclature of California Birds in Condor 30(5):267-268 September-October 1928:

STELLER, Georg Wilhelm. “Born at Windsheim, Bavaria, Germany, March 10, 1709; died at Tiumen, Siberia, November 12, 1746. A noted zoologist and traveleer, who was naturalist on Vitus Bering's ill-fated Expedition to Bering Sea. BEring was his great uncle. Steller was the author of the celebrated tratise De Bestiis Marinis, 1751, in which were described the fur seal, sea otter, sea cow and sea lion, the two latter of which were named in his honor. Steller's name is associated with the birds of California in Stellerocitta, a subgenus proposed by Coues for the crested jays of the west coast but now placed in synonymy, and in the specific name of Steller's Jay of which several subspecies are now recognized, namely: the Blue-fronted Jay, Cyanocitta stelleri frontalis (Ridgway), and the Coast Jay (C. stelleri carbonacea Grinnell), both of California, and several others in the Rocky Mountains and on the Northwest Coast.”

  • 1943. Alden, Roland and John D. Ifft, Early Naturalists in the Far West California Academy of Sciences: Occasional Papers No. 20, San Francisco, 1943 (pp. 59)
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