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STEWART, Alban (1875-1940), botanist with the 1905-1906 California Academy of Sciences expedition to the Galapagos Islands aboard the schooner Academy.

The 1905-1906 California Academy of Sciences Galapagos expedition visited multiple Baja California islands, including:

  • Isla San Martin, July 11, 1905
  • Isla Geronimo, July 13, 1905
  • Isla San Benito, July 14-17, 1905
  • Isla Cedros, July 18, 1905
  • Isla Natividad, July 19, 1905

Expedition participants included:

“Alban Stewart was born in Wellington, Missouri on January 14, 1875. His father, also named Alban Stewart, was originally from Virginia, and his mother, Laura Jones, was a native of Missouri. Alban Stewart received his BA degree from the University of Kansas in 1897 and an MA degree from the same university in 1899. Stewart worked as an assistant paleontologist at the University of Kansas in 1897-1899 and as an assistant at the US National Museum from 1900 to 1904.

After the Galapagos expedition, Stewart received his PhD from Harvard University in 1911, working under the direction of Professor B. L. Robinson. Shortly after the return of the schooner Academy from the Galapagos Islands, Stewart became embroiled in a bitter dispute lasting many years with the director of the Academy at the time, Leverett Mills Loomis (1857-1928), and continuing with Barton Warren Evermann (1853-1932) over whether he would be paid by the Academy to work up the botanical material collected during the expedition.

Stewart died on May 31, 1940, in Tallahassee, Florida. At the time of his death he was head of the Department of Bacteriology at the Florida State College for Women, which would become Florida State University. He was survived by his wife, Ethel C. Stewart. ” [James, Matthew S. Collecting Evolution, (2017)].