STEWART, Robert E.

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Stewart, Robert Emmett (1934-1955), born in Pennsylvania, he was killed aboard the U.S.S. Hopwell at San Clemente Island when the destroyer was hit by an attack bomber in which he was flying crashed into it. Following the Cold War, the destroyer Hopewell took part in fleet exercises in the western Pacific, returning to San Diego 22 May 1955. The veteran ship spent the remainder of 1955 on exercises off the coast. On November 11, 1955 during an amphibious training operation, a single engine attack bomber crashed into the Hopewell amidships, killing five, and starting gasoline fires. Alert firefighters brought the flames under control and the ship returned to San Diego for lengthy repairs. Those killed were: Roger M. Edwards (21) and Robert D. Hobel (22), sailors aboard Hopewell; and three from the plane: Melvin S. Essary (40), Robert E. Stewart (21), and Brent M. Phillips (24).