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Gene Stratton Porter
Gene Stratton Porter House, Catalina Island
Gene Stratton Porter House, Catalina Island
Pacific Novelty Co.
Gene Stratton Porter's Home, Avalon,
Catalina Island, California
Pacific Novelty Co.
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STRATTON-PORTER, Gene (1863-1924), popular 1920s novelist, built a home on two lots at 346 Catalina Avenue in Avalon, although she never lived there. The home was completed in 1924, and she was killed on December 6, 1924 in an automobile accident in Los Angeles during a book-signing tour. She was 56 years old.

Today the building houses the Catalina Bible Church, Singing Waters, a name adapted by Porter because of her water fountain.

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In the News~

April 9, 1924 [TI/Avalon]: “Gene Stratton-Porter, author of The Harvester, Freckles, and The Girl of the Limber lost, in a recently published article in Good Housekeeping magazine, writes of Catalina as: 'Catalina, that exquisite jewel of the sea.; It is understood that Mrs. Porter will have the new home on Catalina Avenue completed for next winter, so that she can spend some time in Avalon to write another of her interesting books. Announcement is made that the July issue of the American Magazine will contain a 'Catalina story by Gene Stratton-Porter.'”