STURGEON, Wilfred J.

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STURGEON, Wilfred “Bill” J. ( - )

San Clemente Island: A Chronological Military History (1932-2000) Buena Vista Associates, 2002

Review: “San Clemente Island is the cornerstone of the Southern California Operations Area (SOCAL), a tactical training complex that supports the largest concentration of naval forces in the world. It has had a long and illustrious history in support of our country's military forces training, and strategic and tactical weapons development. Over a period of almost seven decades, the island has had major impact on naval forces composition, the success of tactical deployments in the Pacific and European theaters during WWII, and the military and diplomatic strategies of the "Cold War" period. A chronology of historical events starting with emergency use by naval aircraft in 1932, and continuing through the present full-spectrum of naval training activities is presented.”