SUICH, Lillian

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Caire family, Santa Cruz, 1920s:
Rear left to right: Jeanne, Helene, Fred, Lillian Suich Caire, May Suich Caire, a friend, Miriam
Front left to right: George Olsen, Delphine “Didi”, Marie, Vivienne “Vivi”, a friend

CAIRE, Lillian née Suich (1878-1960), wife of Frederic F. Caire. They had five daughters, Jeanne (1902-1978); Marie (1903-2003); Helen (1905-2002); Delphine (1906-2000); and Vivienne [Chiles] (1910-2002). Only Vivienne married. Lillian's sister, Mary, married Arthur Caire, and thus the children of the two sisters who were married to two brothers were double first cousins.

In the News~

June 12, 1896 [SFCall]: “Ninety white-gowned girls received their diplomas of graduation at their High School last evening. Class of ’96: …Lillian Suich…”