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Sullivan, William ( -2016)

William Sullivan. Conception —Diver Death Saturday, March 19, 2016

Investigation Activity Report #5955134

“On March 19, 2016, at approximately 0400, the Small Passenger Vessel CONCEPTION departed Santa Barbara Harbor with 33 persons on board for a recreational diving excursion on the north side of Santa Cruz Island near Pelican Bay. On the second dive of the day, an adult male diver ascended to the surface faster than his group, but was alert at the surface. The diver then began to swim back to the vessel. Minutes later he was found face down and unresponsive by the dive instructor who then yelled for help. CONCEPTION'S rescue diver entered the water and recovered the diver to the boat. The crew initiated CPR and attached an Automated External Defibrillator. CPR was conducted for approximately 30 minutes until the diver was pronounced dead by a Coast Guard flight surgeon. The diver was transported back to Santa Barbara Harbor on board the CONCEPTION and was then transported to Santa Barbara County Sheriff-Coroner for autopsy. Santa Barbara County Sheriff-Coroner autopsy determined cause of death was drowning, possible due to sudden distress associated with hypertensive and atherosclerotic heart disease. As a result of its investigation, the Coast Guard has determined that the initiating event for this casualty was the death of the diver. This was followed by the vessel's rescue diver entering the water to assist/retrieve the subject. The causal factors that contributed to this casualty include: 1) Pre-existing medical condition of the diver.”