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Elm Grove Cemetery, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

SUMNER, Eustace Lowell (1907-1989), son of Eustace Lowell Sumner and Charlotte Aurelia Sumner.

Sumner became a Division of Fish and Game employee and later Regional Wildlife Technician for the National Park Service (1939-1950s) who surveyed plants and wildlife for Channel Islands National Monument. Sumner was assigned to study the California quail as a cooperative project between the California Division of Fish and Game and the University of California, under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Grinnell. M. B. Dunkle reported in 1942 that Sumner had “recently collected extensively on both Santa Barbara and Anacapa islands.” Sumner interviewed Frenchy on Anacapa Island, and was also involved with the rabbit removal program on Santa Barbara Island in the 1950s. Sumner retired in Glenwood, New Mexico.

Sumner correspondence (1923-1929) is in the files of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley.

Sumner’s wives:

  • #1 Ethel (probably married her by 1933; sold ranch in 1945; probably mother of Ruth born in 1934; Jack Couffer's cousin)
  • #2 Short marriage
  • #3 Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher (married for 7 years)
  • #4 Marietta McDaniels (1910-1996) (married E. Lowell Sumner in 1961)

Sumner's daughter Ruth, was born in 1934. Eustace Lowell Sumner died October 1, 1989. He and several members of his family are buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, North Kingston, Rhode Island.

E. L. SUMNER ~ MAVERICK BIOGRAPHIC SUMMARY by Jack Couffer Pdficon small 2.gif

» Sumner, Lowell An Outline of the Habits of the Striped Skunk and Little Spotted Skunk with some Directions for Trapping in California Fish and Game 18:1 (34-43)

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» Sumner, Lowell The Battle for Santa Barbara! in Outdoor California 20:2 (4-7) 1959

» Sumner, Lowell An Investigation of Santa Barbara, Anacapa and Santa Barbara islands, 1938, unpub. ms.

» Sumner, Lowell The Rabbits of Santa Barbara Island, 1958 unpub. ms.

Anacapa Island


9/12/1957 MVZ birds

San Miguel Island


Santa Cruz Island

Santa Barbara Island L. Sumner MVZ September 12, 1957 MVZ-139217 Dolichonyx oryzivorus Birds