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SWAINSON, Otis W. (1887-1969) [SS#553-56-5395] was a First Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Officers’ Reserve Corps, U.S. Army according to World War I military records of Coast & Geodetic Survey personnel. On September 24, 1917, by Executive Order 2707, he was transferred to the service and jurisdiction of the War Department. Previous to his transfer he was a commissioned Junior Hydrographic and Geodetic Engineer in the Coast and Geodetic Survey. November 14, 1917 he was returned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey by Executive Order 2782, dated January 9, 1918.

Swainson worked on Santa Rosa Island reestablishing survey station Borrego in 1933. He commanded the ship Guide (1935-1938), and eventually rose to Chief of the Division of Geomagnetism and Seismology. Swainson died in Oakland, California at age 83.

[Photo in NOAA library online]