SWORTFIGUER, Olivia Lucille

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Caire girls at Prisoners' Harbor:
Vivienne “Vivi” (left) Lucille “Lulu” (middle),
Miriam “Miri” (right).
Vivienne and Miriam are the daughters of Fred Caire; Lucille is the daughter of Arthur Caire.

SWORTFIGUER, Olivia Lucille (1909-1993), granddaughter of Justinian Caire, second of three children born to Arthur and Mary Caire. Olivia married George Swortfiguer, and they had two sons:

  • Arthur Swortfiguer
  • Robert Swortfiguer

Olivia Swortfiguer died on July 20, 1993 in Alameda, California not long after her husband’s death on December 18, 1992.

In the News~

December 10, 1945 [OT]: “Miss Caire feted in betrothal. Mrs. Arthur J. Caire and Miss Miriam Frances Caire entertained friends friends at tea in their Oakland home Saturday, honoring Miss Olivia Lucille Caire, who has been betrothed to Capt. George Blair Swortfiguer of Sacramento, mother of the benedict-elect. The future bride is the daughter of Mrs. Caire and the late Mr. Caire, and a sister of Miriam and of Justinian Caire II. Captain Swortfiguer is the son of the late Arthur C. Swortfiguer and Mrs. Swortfiguer of Sacramento. He has a sister Helen, at present living in the East.”