San Pedro Point, Santa Cruz Island

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San Pedro Point, Santa Cruz Island is the easternmost point of land on Santa Cruz Island. According to Pier Gherini [1966]:

“For routine supplies we depended upon the Larco fish boats which came to pick up lobsters and supply lobster camps. In consideration of receiving transportation, we granted the company the right to maintain fish camps at Potato Bay, Scorpion, San Pedro Point, and at Yellow Banks.”

When the island was partitioned in 1925, this location was included in Tract No. 7 appointed to Edmund A. Rossi. The place name appears on the June 1882 U.S. Coast Survey map Pacific Coast from Santa Monica to Point Conception, including the Santa Barbara Channel, California, J.E. Hilgard, Superintendent. It appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet D topographic map.

On December 11, 1941, the City of Sausalito, a 79-foot wood-hulled vessel exploded and burned at San Pedro Point. Vessels wrecked at San Pedro Point include: City of Sausalito (1941); Sea Wanderer (1979).

In the News~

September 4, 1917 [SCICo]: “On September 3rd we gave notice on Ramon Romo et al at Hazard; Rosaline Vasquez et al at Fry’s Harbor; and Frank Nidever at Orizaba. What is the next move? We will serve Willows, Coches Prietos and Blue Banks on September 4th and Middle Banks, Yellowbanks and San Pedro Point on the 5th.”

October 1, 1928 [SBMP]: “Four men battle fire on island. Big blaze destroys huge area. Fighter nearly loses his life then trapped. Sheep are killed… Report of the disastrous island fire were brought to Santa Barbara last night by Earle Ovington, who flew there about sundown Saturday and returned last evening. Z. Zulberti was the ranch employee that nearly lost his life in the blaze. He was found trapped in a small canyon by his companions just before he lost consciousness. Zulberti, superintendent of the ranch, led the employees in combating the blaze. The fire started on Pedro Point, the extreme east end of the island…”