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Cards in this series have the additional identification of Theo Sohmer on the verso. Theo Sohmer was born in Romania c. 1880. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1882 and became a wholesale publisher in Los Angeles.
[[File:1990 Univ Club 12 08.jpg|thumb]]
<center><gallery widths=350px heights=300px  perrow=2 caption="Santa Catalina Island Post Cards: Western Publishing & Novelty Co.; C.I. Series No Border">
Image: C.I. 6 Sugar Loaf and Casino.jpg|<center>C.I. 16<br> Island Villa,<br> Catalina Island, California<br>Western Publishing & Novelty Co.<br>[original in SCIF archives] </center>
Image: A91778 C.I.7 Western Pub & Novelty Wrigley.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 10. Seal Rocks, Catalina - no borders copy.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 11.png|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I.12. Business section, Avalon, Cat Island.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 13 Bay View.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 14 The Bathing Beach.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 16 Island Villa.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 18 Sugar Loaf.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I.20 Western Pub & Novelty Submarine Gardens.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: CI22 Western Publishg and Novelty Co St.Catherine.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: CI 25.png|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I. 27.png|<center>caption</center>
Image: CI 28.png|<center>caption</center>
Image: C.I.28 W.P.N.C. Amphitheatre.jpg|<center>caption</center>
Image: Image gallery placeholder.jpg|<center>Space intentionally left blank</center>
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