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Santa Barbara (#) [steamer] (-)

In the News~

October 25, 1900 [SBMP]: “The new steamer Santa Barbara arrived in port yesterday afternoon on her maiden trip. She is a magnificent ship, the finest of her class that ever entered the harbor, and is the largest lumber vessel ever brought alongside the local wharf. The Santa Barbara is 200 feet long, beam 37.5 feet, and draws 17.5 feet of water. Her engines are triple expansion, 24 iron stroke, with an indicated horse power of 600. The steamer is elegantly fitted up, and can accommodate 42 first cabin passengers and 12 steerage. The Santa Barbara was built by Fulton Iron Works in San Francisco by tone Brothers, and is half-owned by Hanify & Co. of that place. Captain E. Jahnsen is in command...”

October 26, 1900 [SBMP]: “A jolly crowd, numbering about 100, accepted the invitation of Captain E. Jahnsen for an excursion ride about the channel in the new steamer Santa Barbara.... It was suggested that on her return trip to this port two weeks from next Sunday, the boat make an excursion trip to Santa Cruz Island.. Captain Jahnsen is heartily in favor of the suggestion.”

October 30, 1900 [LAT/SB]: “The steamer Santa Barbara… will take a basket picnic party of about two hundred persons to the Channel Islands.”

November 7, 1900 [SBDI]: “The proposed excursion on the steamer Santa Barbara, scheduled for next Sunday, has been postponed. A telegram received today states that the steamer is otherwise engaged for Sunday.”

February 16, 1901 [LAT/SB]: “Five hundred poles will arrive on the steamer Santa Barbara, which will also have a full cargo of over 500,000 feet of lumber for this port. At this time the steamer may make the excursion trip to the Channel Islands, which was planned last fall by the Chamber of Commerce.”

July 2, 1904 [SBMP]: “The steamer Santa Barbara was due to arrive here yesterday with a cargo of pine...”