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Santa Clara (#77427) (1892-1896+), 223-foot wood-hulled commercial passenger cargo steamer built in Everett, Washington for the Kimball Steamship Company. Her original name, John S. Kimball, was changed to James Dollar when Dollar Steamship Company owned her from 1901-1904. She became Santa Clara in 1904, and after several additional owners, North Pacific Steamship Company owned her from 1911-1915. According to Santa Cruz Island Company records, Santa Clara serviced Santa Cruz Island in 1913, 1914, and 1915.

During a gale on November 2, 1915, Santa Clara, the largest steam schooner operating on the Pacific Coast, struck an uncharted shoal and was wrecked outside of Coos Bay, Oregon. There were 21 casualties out of the 91 persons on board.

In the News~

October 5, 1912 [SBI]: “Three seals from the Santa Barbara islands were taken north Friday to San Francisco on the steamer Santa Clara by Charles Davis. Davis has spent much of his time in Alaska.”

April 3, 1914 [SBMP]: “Excursion planned to Channel isle. Chamber of Commerce may arrange for big steamer outing in May. The tentative plan is to charter a boat like the Santa Clara…”

April 6, 1914 [SBMP]: “Elks to make island excursion on May 17. The Elks have completed arrangements for the island excursion that they have been anticipating with much pleasure for a long time past. The date for the event has been fixed for Sunday, May 17, and the big steamer Santa Clara has been chartered for the trip. About 200 people are expected to compose the party. Pelican Bay will be the objective point…”

May 8, 1914 [SBMP]: “The committee of the Elks, having the matter in hand yesterday, concluded arrangements for the charter of the steamer Santa Clara for the excursion to Santa Cruz Island on Sunday, the 17th. The outing is only for the Elks, and is limited to men. Plans are making for a very enjoyable affair.”

May 16, 1914 [SBDNI]: “A trip to Santa Cruz Island in the steamer Santa Clara, Captain Jassen commanding; a fish ‘ghobini’ to be served at Pelican Bay; a cruise about the group of islands in the big steamer and home at 6:30 tomorrow night — this is the royal programme which the Best People on Earth, i.e. the B. P. O. Elks of this county and Ventura have mapped out for Sunday…”

May 18, 1914 [SBDNI]: “The Elks annual outing to the Santa Barbara islands proved a big success yesterday. The steamer Santa Clara left the wharf sharp at 7:30 in the morning and 134 Elks and their families, and the day proved one of unalloyed pleasure, not a mishap being reported. The big fish dinner prepared by L. B. Fazio, chef of the local Elks Club, was a revelation in the way of a feed… Besides those carried over by the Santa Clara, and the Otter, other boats were chartered…”

January 1, 1915 [SBDNI]: “Wine enough to fill a good sized reservoir was taken on today at Santa Cruz Island by the steamer Santa Clara, which called there this morning to take on the vinous consignment before coming here en route to San Francisco. The shipment of wine consisted of 60 puncheons. A puncheon is a large cask holding between 300 and 400 gallons, several times the capacity of an ordinary barrel. The wine was made from grapes grown on the island by the Justinian Caire Company, its owners.”

January 2, 1915 [SBMP]: “The steamer Santa Clara left San Pedro at the regular time last Thursday, but sailed directly to Prisoners’ Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, for a shipment of wine for San Francisco, after taking which aboard she came in to this port and left for San Francisco.”

May 9, 1915 [SBMP]: “Arthur J. Caire of San Francisco, manager of the Caire estate, is a guest at the Raffour House on a visit of inspection of Santa Cruz Island, one of the princely possessions of his family… The Company has 200 acres in wine grapes and the vines are in fine condition. The stocks of the wine cellars have been nearly depleted, the last delivery being to the steamer Santa Clara for the San Francisco buyers, one day last week, consisting of 93 puncheons of about 160 gallons each.”

May 10, 1915 [LAT]: “Captain A. Olsen and twenty members of the crew of the Norwegian ship Aggi, which went ashore on Santa Rosa Island off Santa Barbara last Monday, arrived in this city on the steamer Santa Clara today. Captain Olsen reports that the ship will be a total loss, as will the cargo, with the exception of a small amount of barley stored in the forward hatch.”

May 10, 1915 [SBDNI]: “For the purpose of inspecting the estate property on Santa Cruz Island, Arthur J. Caire, manager of the Caire estate, is passing this week at the island, looking over the big ranch which is one of the Caire family’s large realty holdings in California. Mr. Caire said sheep shearing will continue for three weeks, wet weather having delayed it. The Santa Cruz Island Company, by which name the Caire ranch is known, has 200 acres of wine grapes under cultivation. The company’s wine cellars are nearly depleted, several large consignments of wine having been sent north recently for San Francisco buyers. The Santa Clara took 93 puncheons, of 100 gallons each, north last week.”

December 1, 1915 [SBMP]: “The power schooner Santa Clara will arrive from Prisoners’ Harbor today with a load of wool to add to a load brought over last Monday for shipment to San Francisco by the steamer George W. Elder. There are 140 bags in the lot, all told, weighing on the average 200 pounds to the bag.”