Santa Clara (Bob & Jocko)

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Santa Clara (#) (?-1949), [Bob & Jocko], a wood fishing vessel which mysteriously disappeared on April 28, 1949 with two men on board. She departed Santa Barbara Harbor with three men aboard. When two of them, Francis M (Jocko) Hunskor and Robert (Bob) Ellis, became engaged in a heated argument, the third insisted he be returned to shore, which he was. The other two continued on their trip, and were never heard from again. The vessel was owned by the Castagnolas. Five years later, on May 5, 1954 the boat, also called the Bob and Jocko, was found off the east end of Santa Cruz Island in deep water. There was no indication of what caused her to sink, or of what happened to the two men aboard.

In the News~

August 3, 1945 [SBNP]: “The fishing boat Santa Clara limped into Santa Barbara harbor Thursday night, her propeller bent by an encounter with what skipper Martin Lytle judged to be a killer whale. Lytle and his wife, Dorothy, were returning from a fishing trip near Catalina and were off the west end of Anacapa Island when the large creature attacked the Santa Clara. The attacker, which came up under the boat, lifted the stern about two feet out of the water, was cut by the propeller and then disappeared. Mrs. Lytle said that the whale appeared to be injured, for it momentarily floundered before disappearing… The boat is owned by George V. Castagnola.”