Santa Cruz East, Santa Cruz Island

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Santa Cruz East, Santa Cruz Island, is a survey station established by William E. Greenwell and his aid, Preston C. F. West, on Friday, September 11, 1857.

“It is situated on a prominent point on the northern side of the eastern end of the island. The best way of getting to it is from Mondran’s place [Scorpion Ranch], to which you can go by walk, or from Dr. Shaw’s house by a trail leading over the mountains. The trail is rather difficult to find at first, but a guide may be secured at Dr. Shaw’s. From Mondran’s, a trail leads up the hill directly in front of the house, from the top of which the signal can be seen. A wagon can be taken to it by following the road in the valley [Scorpion Valley] to where it branches off, taking to the right until you pass a side cut in the bank. When you leave it going to the right still and crossing the gulch, after which you are on the level land near the station.”

This triangulation station appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet D topographic map.