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Santa Cruz Island Foundation, est. 1985

Santa Cruz Island Foundation is a California not-for-profit public benefit corporation that collects, preserves, and maintains archival materials and objects vital and relevant to the understanding and appreciation of the islands off the coasts of California and Baja California, Mexico. Founded by the late Dr. Carey Stanton in 1985 and named in honor of Santa Cruz Island, the island on which he resided and had a deep interest, the Foundation first and foremost saves for future generations what would be lost without it successfully fulfilling its mission. In advancing understanding of these unique Islands, the Foundation makes its unique island-related collections available to scholars, teachers, filmmakers, and researchers of all kinds, to students and members of the public through exhibitions, educational programs, and tours, and to a worldwide audience through its publications, website, and online Channel Islands encyclopedia, ISLAPEDIA. The Foundation was founded and exists because the stories of the Islands are worth preserving and worth telling.

The Santa Cruz Island Foundation, governed by eleven directors along with a sixty-member advisory council, is headquartered in Carpinteria, California.

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Santa Cruz Island Foundation permanent installations include:

  • Santa Cruz Island: installation of a small archaeology museum in Pete's house at the Main Ranch (1989)
  • Santa Cruz Island: restoration and seismic upgrading of the chapel for its centennial celebration (1991)
  • Santa Barbara Island: installation of a visitors' center with exhibits and large wall mural (1993)
  • Santa Cruz Island: restoration of Rancho del Norte (1996)
  • Santa Cruz Island: installation of a saddle museum in the horse barn (2004)
  • Santa Cruz Island: reconstruction of the Cantina Vieja (2006-2010)
  • Santa Cruz Island: installation of a Justinian Caire Museum in the Cantina Vieja (downstairs) (2011)
  • Santa Cruz Island: installation of a Stanton Family Museum in the Cantina Vieja museum (upstairs) (2013)
  • Santa Cruz Island: installation of a wine museum in the Lower Winery (in progress)

In addition, the Foundation published a series of Occasional Papers, ten to date, which deal with cultural aspects of California's Channel Islands.

Santa Cruz Island Foundation Board Members (1988-current)

* Carey Stanton (1923-1987) ~ President
* David Watts ~ Vice-President (retired from the board)
* Marla Daily ~ Secretary/Treasurer
* Eric Hvolboll (b. 1956) ~ added after Carey Stanton died in 1987
* Mary Elena “Polly” Goodan (1922-2005)
* Francis McComb (1913-2000)
* Phyllis Diebenkorn (1921-2015)
* Msgr. Francis J. Weber (b. 1933) (now retired)
* Joe Walsh (b. 1947)
* Jonathan Brown (b. 1950) (stepped down)
* Shull “Buz” Bonsall (b. 1949)
* Justy Brock (b. 1976)
* Christopher Diebenkorn (b. 1947)
* Dennis Power (b. 1941)
* Brad Avery (b. 1953) (stepped down)
* Timothy Vail
* Robert Case Duncan
* Sue Parker
* Roger Chrisman