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Say When (#) (-1854)

In the News~

August 2, 1942 [San Bernardino Sun]: “Fish Boat Hits Catalina Rocks. Long Beach.—A Coast Guard patrol boat rescued 20 men Sunday after their 40-foot sports fishing boat ran on the rocks at the northwest end of Catalina Island. The Coast Guard boat, cruising in Catalina waters, responded to a distress call and pulled the boat, Say When, off the rocks and took the passengers aboard. Four of the fishermen suffered cuts and bruises and were brought by another Coast Guard boat to Long Beach to treatment at a hospital here. They are Charles Warmuth, 37, Robert G. Williamson, both of Los Angeles, Gus Wade, 36, Downey, and James Caldwell, 41, Manhattan Beach. The Coast Guard patrol boat started towing the leading fish boat owned by Ted Nelson of South gate, to the mainland. ”