Sea Lion

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Sea Lion (#) (-1889), vessel wrecked at Seal Rocks, Santa Catalina Island. Everyone was saved.

In the News~

July 28, 1889 [LAH]: “The Sea Lion wrecked. As the sloop yacht Sea Lion, belonging to Mr. Will Beach, was returning to Santa Catalina Island with seven passengers who had explored the island of San Clemente on Thursday night last, her captain hugged the shore too close in passing Seal Rock, and as a heavy sea was running she soon got beyond his control. Discovering his mistake, he endeavored to tack, but too late, and in a few minutes she drifted ashore and was dashed to pieces on the rocks. Fortunately the yacht Puritan was close at hand, and she was communicated with before Sea Lion went ashore, and hew crew lent every assistance toward rescuing the passengers of the ill-fated yacht. With no little difficulty all were saved and carried in safely to Avalon. The Sea Lion, which was a total wreck, was valued at $1250.”

July 28, 1889 [DAC]: “Wrecked. The vessel runs on the sandy beach at Santa Catalina Island. Los Angeles, July 27th. — It is just learned that the yacht Sea Lion, bound from San Clemente for Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, with a party, went ashore yesterday morning near a point on the island called Seal Rock. The yacht struck a sandy beach with a heavy shock. The women waded through the breakers upon the beach. It happened to be sand, while a few rods either way were rocks. The children were hurled out of their bunks by the boat pounding and rolling. Captain Peterson and the owner of the boat, Will beach, by great exertions succeeded in landing all safely in the darkness, with the surf dashing over the vessel. Captain Hobbs came the next morning with his yacht Puritan, and took the party to Avalon. Nearly all of the personal effects of the party were lost or ruined. Will Beach's loss is about $1200. Mrs. Plummer and daughter, Miss Kellogg, a school teacher, Miss Siegler and little Miss Fairbanks were among the passengers. Seal Rock Beach, Catalina Island, is considered a very dangerous landing, the surf running very high, and considerable trouble was experienced in getting the people from the wreck out to the Puritan to re-embark. At 11 a.m. today the Sea Lion was reported smashed to pieces, excepting her hull, which is very strongly built. Avalon people extended evry courtesy to the shipwrecked party.”