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Sea Wolf, a film based on Jack London's book of the same title, was filmed at the Channel Islands in 1913.

In the News~

September 3, 1913 [SBMP]: “The Comet wreck on the west shore of San Miguel Island has been used the last two days for scenes in Jack London’s Sea Wolf. Richard Garrick, director for the Balboa Amusement Company, had charge of the party, which consisted of Larry Peyton, who plays the part of the title role, Miss Jean McPherson and Harry King. Mr. Garrick says that some unusual work was taken about the wreck. The play will be of three reels and released for state rights. There is a bit of litigation over the production of this picture. Another concern, in which Frank Garbutt is interested, is also producing the play at this time. The Balboa concern, however, is claiming prior rights, in accordance with an agreement reached with the author. It was a bit odd that in making the San Miguel pictures Garbutt’s Otter was used to carry the party.”