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Seal (#) (1916-1972?), 37-foot, wood-hulled, commercial fishing vessel operated by several owners, including the Larcos, Walter Miller and Richard Headley. She was named for her commercial ventures in the capturing of California sea lions. In 1958, Miller sold his successful sealing business to Richard Headley for $5000 which included the Seal.

» Hamilton, Andrew How to Catch a Sea Lion in Westways Magazine 51: 12 (9-11) 1959

In the News~

September 2, 1917 [SBMP]: “Larco and Company’s three boats, the Eagle, Seal and Santa Ana, were yesterday chartered to a San Pedro cannery to carry fuel oil to supply this company's boats engaged in hauling the fish to the cannery during this run of albacore, the continuance of which is entirely uncertain. It might last for several weeks yet, and it might end within a few days.”

December 23, 1917 [SBMP]: “The Seal, one of the Larco power fishing boats, came in from the islands last night with a catch of three tons of crawfish taken at the island camps. Probably a third of this lot will be used by the local holiday trade, and the remainder will be shipped far and wide throughout he state.”

Thursday, September 21, 1922 [SBMP]: “Fishermen will aid big cruise... Five boats of Larco Brothers fishing fleet, now operating off port San Luis, will steam to Santa Barbara on Saturday, September 30, to aid in conveying the 250 men invited to participate in the cruise October 1 to Santa Cruz Island and the barbecue at Pelican Bay, in the interests of a protected harbor for Santa Barbara. The boats, as announced yesterday by the special committee of the yacht club in charge of arrangements for the outing are: the Seal, Captain Jules Valdez; Ladinan E, Captain Muchattee; Larco Brothers, Captain Sebastian Castagnola; Eagle, Captain Frank Nidever; and North America, Captain J. Nocti...”

October 24, 1950 [SBNP]: “At 6 o’clock this morning members of the Fourth Santa Rosa Island Expedition boarded the Seal at Santa Barbara Harbor for a trip of several months. Dick Finley and Ralph Colcord, members of the expedition who left today, will be joined by Curator Phil Orr of the Museum of Natural History in early November... The Seal is owned and operated by Walter Miller of Santa Barbara, whose occupation is the capturing of sea lions for museums, zoos and circuses...”