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Skippy (#) (-1976), 40-foot cabin cruiser was caught in a northeaster at Prisoners' Harbor on November 28, 1976. The vessel was lost.

“ ...The four people on board the Skippyhad a leisurely barbeque and turned in early Saturday evening. Around midnight a feared Santana wind swept across the Channel from the northeast. Like hundreds of other boats at the Islands for the weekend, the Skippy was caught unprepared by the sudden 50 knot winds. Richard Box, on board the Skippy, said, "The wind was incredible. Waves were throwing us in all directions. Even then several boats were on the rocks." A nearby sailboat, with two couples and a dog on board lost its anchor in the blow and swung about into the Skippy. To save themselves, the frightened sailboat crew clung to the "Skippy for protection. Box upset with the situation said, "They were grinding us to pieces. I yelled at their skipper to pull off our bow, but he refused. He was using us for an anchor." Fearing for the safety of his own crew and boat, Box tore off the boat's heavy VHF antennae, and with a few select maritime paths, started hitting the sailboat's skipper over the head with it when the sailboat veered near him. Unfortunately the Skippy had been damaged badly by the hammering of the sailboat and was taking in water. Box called the Coast Guard for assistance when he realized the extent of the damage. Finally, the sailboat crew pulled away from the Skippy. No sooner had the Coast Guard arrived and had taken the four aboard the cutter, the boat started sinking and was abandoned. The Coast Guard commander refused to tow the boat...” [Wheeler & Kallman. Shipwrecks, Smugglers and Maritime Mysteries (1986).

In the News~

November 28, 1976 [San Bernardino Sun]: “...In the rescues by the Coast Guard off the wind-blown Southern California coast, two people were taken from their grounded pleasure boat on Santa Cruz Island to a hospital near Pt. Mugu, but there was no immediate word on whether they were injured seriously.”