Smugglers Ranch, Santa Cruz Island

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Smugglers Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
Smugglers Ranch, Santa Cruz Island, 2002

Smugglers Ranch, Santa Cruz Island is on the east end of the island. It was built under the direction of island owner, Justinian Caire as one of several out-ranches. In May of 1889, Geologist William Goodyear reported:

“From San Pedro Point we went to Smugglers Cove, where they were building a new house, as yet unfinished, and where there is a young plantation of fig and olive trees, and a vineyard. The rock with which the corners of the house are faced is the same clay-rock, containing small impressions suggesting fossil leaves, as that which occupies so large an area in the region south and southwest of Chinese Harbor. It is here obtained from a quarry some 200 yards back, i.e. to the west, from the edge of the surf in the cove...” [Goodyear 1890: 159].

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