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Snooks (#) (1916-1916)

In the News~

July 19, 1916 [SBMP]: “Yesterday shortly before noon, George E. Voorhees’ fine new speed launch, the Snooks, was consigned to the waters of the bay on the beach at Stearn’s Wharf, and a more nearly perfect launching has never occurred in these waters. The boat was built for Mr. Voorheis by Byron Flint, and it is certainly a credit to his skill in marine construction… The Snooks is 41 feet 8 inches long, with 8 feet 9 inches in beam and a “v” stern. She has a cabin forward that will accommodate six people, a cockpit in the center and a rear cabin for two that also holds a refrigerator and food closets, plate racks and a vapor stove for cooking…”

November 15, 1916 [SBMP]: “George E. Voorheis, in his power yacht Snooks, is spending a few days cruising around the islands, accompanied by one of the men employed at the ice plant.”

November 28, 1916 [SBMP]: “The Voorheis powerboat Snooks had a rather eventful voyage Sunday, and if it wasn’t for the fact that a couple of young women in the party were landed by boat, the Snooks might yet be anchored outside of Goleta Point. The two made their way to a ranch house and assistance was telephoned for. Captain George Gourley secured a fishing boat and went up the coast and towed the outfit back to the wharf. The Snooks left at 7 o’clock in the morning with about fifteen on board. The destination was Santa Cruz Island…”

December 30, 1916 [SBMP]: “George E. Voorheis powerboat breaks moorings, batters to pieces. The only damage reported on the waterfront from the recent gale, aside from the smashing to pieces of a couple of skiffs, was the destruction of the powerboat Snookums, the property of George E. Voorhees, Jr., the pretty little pleasure boat having broken from its mooring last Thursday night and being driven ashore in chunks and splinters at an early hour yesterday morning…”