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Sophia (#)

In the News~

December 10, 1850 [DAC]: “For sale, freight or charter — the fast sailing clipper built schooner Sophia. 81 tons register — now ready for sea. Apply to Beck & Palmer, Corner of Clay and Leidesorff sts.”

1852 [Thompson & West, p. 107]: “In 1852 Dixey W. Thompson bought the schooner Sophia, and took 3000 sheep off the island of Santa Rosa. He made Santa Rosa [Island],then, as now the property of the More brothers, his headquarters from 1853 to 1857, hunting and shipping stock. ”

May 22, 1852 [DAC]: “May 11th, left Santa Barbara. Schooner Sophia with sheep from Santa Rosa Island for San Francisco.”

April 17, 1903 [SBMP/obituary]: “Dixey Thompson was commander of several vessels during the years between 1852 and 1857, including the Independence, the William Robinson, the Ohio, and he finally purchased the Sophia which was engaged in commerce between the Santa Barbara islands and the mainland.”