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Spenmar (#229121) (1918-1934), 30-gross-ton gas motor vessel burned at Santa Catalina Island on August 27, 1934. [MVUS 1935]. There were no fatalities among the 6 crew on board at the time.

In the News~

April 22, 1931: [TI/Avalon]: “The power yacht Borghild, owned by Spencer Kennelly of Los Angeles, has been renamed the Spenmar.

August 30, 1934: [TI/Avalon]: “The power yacht Spenmar, owned by Spencer Kennelly of Los Angeles, and at the time occupied by himself, Mrs. Kennelly, their nephew, Adrian Blackwell, a family friend, Mary Lou May, and Captain B. C. McIlheny, was burned off the Catalina coast Monday, while en route from the Isthmus to the mainland. The fire is supposed to have occurred by the explosion of gasoline which had accumulated in the bilge water. Fortunately, they had a row boat, which all entered, and were taken from it by the fishing boat Ermony, which was cruising near and the people on it saw the fire. None of the occupants of the yacht were seriously injured.”