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Starlight (#) (-1930)

In the News~

July 28, 1930 [SDET]: “25 are saved from disabled fishing boat. Ventura, July 28. — Revealing near disaster to the fishing boat Starlight and a thrilling rescue at sea, the fishing boat Mary Ann, also reported missing for a time in heavy seas and fog, today returned to port with four of the Starlight's 25 passengers. The Mary Ann brought news that the Starlight had been disabled at sea while returning from the fishing banks off Anacapa Island. The Mary Ann, carrying 15 union labor picnickers, went to the Starlight's rescue. Most of the Starlight's passengers were taken to Anacapa Island, and will be brought to the mainland later in the day. According to the crew of the Mary Ann, engines of the Starlight became disabled 14 miles off Ventura and the ship began filling with water. After the rescue, it was towed to shallow water near the island, where it is reported sinking.”

July 30, 1930 [San Bernardino County Sun]: “Ontario, July 29. — Dr. W. Max Chapman, well-known Ontario physician and surgeon, returned home last night to his home, 417 East H Street, apparently little the worse for his harrowing experiences as a passenger on the fishing smack, Starlight, which was rescued late Sunday night only after all aboard had donned life preservers, when the boat seemed destined to go to the bottom of the rough Santa Barbara channel, 12 miles off Ventura. The trouble started Sunday noon, according to Dr. Chapman, when the Japanese skipper, following lunch, found himself unable to start the engine. Efforts to anchor the craft proved equally fruitless and finally, as a last resort, distress signals were hoisted. One large ship, which passed not far distant, is said to have answered the signal but to have failed to stop. It was nearly dark when the yacht Mary Ann hove in view and, seeing the distress signal, came alongside and towed the disabled boat, then rapidly filling with water, to Anacapa Island. The Passengers had gotten into life preservers and were prepared for the worst when help came. Passengers and crew, 36 in all, spent the night on the island and were brought back to Ventura yesterday. Dr. Chapman reported landing at Ventura at noon yesterday. He related that the Starlight, on which he had gone for a fishing trip with a party of Los Angeles friends, had floundered for seven hours before the Mary Ann came to its rescue.”