State of California

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S.S. State of California by Currier and Ives, Lithographers
S.S. State of California
S.S. State of California
S.S. State of California
S.S. State of California

State of California (#115645) (1878-1913), 306-foot iron-hulled steam-driven passenger and cargo ship built in Philadelphia for the Pacific Coast Steamship Company with a home port of San Francisco. She carried cargo for the Santa Cruz Island Company in 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913. In 1913, invoices show she made almost weekly Wednesday island deliveries of everything from ointments and spices to long-life shoes and stable brooms. In 1913 alone, through July 3, a total of 22 deliveries had been made. On August 17, 1913, the State of California was wrecked in Alaska due to an uncharted hazard. There were 150 people on board at the time, and 31 perished. Her popular running mates at the time were the Santa Rosa and the Queen.

In the News~

June 18, 1879 [SBDP]: “The Pacific Coast Steamship Company’s new steamer State of California, made the best time ever made between Portland and San Francisco on her last trip…”

May 13, 1881 [SBDP]: “Captain Goodall, of Goodall, Perkins & Co., has promised to allow the magnificent steamer State of California to bring an excursion party to Santa Barbara from San Francisco, at an early day. Dixey Thompson of the Arlington has the matter in hand, and should receive substantial encouragement.”

January 11, 1906 [SBMP]: “The power launch Anita, Captain Henry Koch, will sail for the islands tomorrow morning after crawfish, which will be brought in on Sunday in time for shipment to San Francisco on the steamer State of California.”

January 13, 1906 [SBMP]: “Boatswain M. McGuire of San Francisco was washed from the deck of the steamer State of California by heavy seas...”

January 18, 1906 [SBMP]: “John Swanson reported last night that while fishing a few miles off this port yesterday afternoon, he discovered the body of a man floating in the channel... The description of the clothing tallies with that of Boatswain Maguire of San Francisco who was washed from the deck of the steamer State of California, but it is improbable that the body of the unfortunate soldier could have drifted so far down the coast within the last ten days.”

April 12, 1908 [SBMP]: Captain H. C. Thomas of the Pacific Coast Steamer Queen, and for many years commander of the State of California, has been notified of his appointment to the command of the Alaska excursion steamer Spokane for the 1908 season...”

February 19, 1912 [SBI]: “Fifty-one wine puncheons were taken to Santa Cruz Island this morning on the island schooner. These puncheons will hold over two barrels each. They were brought to Santa Barbara Friday on the steamer State of California for the handling of the wine crop on the island this year which is said to be extra large.”