Streets of Avalon

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Crescent Avenue & Beach


  • Avalon Canyon Road [ex-Avalon Avenue]
  • Banning Drive
  • Beacon Street. Named by George Shatto, was probably named for Beacon Street in Boston. The Community Church in Avalon is here.
  • Bonita Way
  • Cabrillo Drive [ex-Irvin Place]
  • Calle del Sol
  • Camino del Monte
  • Casino Way [ex-Catherine Way]
  • Catalina Avenue (pic)
  • Cemetery Road
  • Chimes Tower Road
  • Claressa Avenue. George Shatto’s wife, Clara, was affectionately called Claressa by her husband.
  • Clemente Avenue [ex-Templeton Ave. pre-1924]
  • Country Club Drive [ex-Loma Drive]
  • Crescent Avenue: fronts Avalon Bay. It was redesigned by Philip K. Wrigley in the 1930s to include olive and palm trees and El Encanto Marketplace.(pic)
  • Descanso Avenue [1919, named when the tent city between Catalina and Claressa moved]
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Eucalyptus Street [added in 1920, named by Edwin Stanaton, Avalon street superintendent]
  • Falls Canyon Road [ex-Power House Canyon Road pre-1930]
  • Hiawatha Lane
  • Hill Street [named between 1894-1898, Banning era]
  • Irvin Place = Cabrillo Drive
  • Las Lomas Drive [Loma Drive]
  • Maiden Lane
  • Marilla Avenue [Etta J. Marilla Tichnor Whitney (1862-1950), bride of Edwin Whitney]
  • Metropole Avenue
  • Minnehaha Avenue [removed between 1930-1944 when Sunshine Terrace added]
  • Olive Street [named between 1894-1898, Banning era]
  • Osceola Avenue
  • Pebbly Beach Road
  • Saint Catherine Way
  • Skyline Drive
  • Stagecoach Road
  • Sumner Avenue. Named after George Shatto’s real estate agent and close friend, Charles A. Sumner.
  • Templeton Avenue
  • Third Street [1919]
  • Tremont Street
  • (Lower) Terrace Road
  • (Middle) Terrace Road
  • (Upper) Terrace Road
  • Vieudelou
  • Whittley Avenue. Named after the Whittley family, who had been raising sheep on the island since 1850s.