Sunrise Ranger

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Sunrise Ranger (#) (-1954)

In the News~

May 14, 1954 [Santa Cruz Sentinal]: “Six are rescued as fishing boat burns and sinks. San Pedro. — Six San Pedro fishermen were rescued yesterday from San Martin Island, 125 miles south of San Diego after their commercial fishing vessel, Sunrise Ranger, burned and sank. Tony Marinkovich, skipper of the 65-foot boat, telephoned relatives here that the men were rescued from the island, just off the Baja California coast, by another fishing vessel, American Star. He reported the crewmen swam ashore and the cause of the fire was unknown. The craft's owner, VIncent Marinkovich, father of the skipper, said the boat was insured for $25,000. Rescued were the skipper, Ray Zubouski, Samuel Ardniz, Joseph Banacich and two unidentified men. The coast guard said the men were transferred to the freighter Normacfir, due to arrive in Los Angeles this morning.”