TAPPAN, George

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TAPPAN, George (c. 1887-1913)

In the News~

January 2, 1913 [SBMP]: “Fisherman sends bullet into head while in camp. Suicide of George Tappan reported from Santa Cruz Island. Reaction from an over-exuberant celebration of the Christmas season is given as the cause of the reported suicide of George Tappan, a craw-fisherman, aged 26, who is said to have shot himself through the head with a 22 special, at his camp in Fry’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Tuesday evening, at 5:30 o’clock. There were four others in the camp at the time when Tappan went into the tent and put a bullet into his brain. The shot entered the right temple and came out the left ear. News of the suicide was brought early yesterday morning by Joe Morales, one of the fishermen of the same camp, and a companion, who left the island at 7 o’clock Tuesday evening in the little launch Tripoli, and after a rough passage reached Santa Barbara shortly after one o’clock. Coroner A. M. Ruiz was notified at 6 A.M., but on account of the rough weather, return to the camp will not be undertaken until early morning. Justice J. G. Shoup will probably be designated to act as deputy coroner, as Mr. Ruiz is not in the best of health at the present time. Tappan's people are said to reside in Oxnard. A sister lives in Montecito. Tappan has resided here for some years, being engaged in fishing most of the time. The Gussie M, Captain R. Vasquez, will leave early this morning with Undertaker Charles McDermott and a brother of the victim. It was decided late last evening to hold the inquest in this city, and witnesses of the shooting will be brought from the island. The man who first heard the shot was an Italian, according to the story brought here. He ran and told Joe Morales and Lenny Moraga, who were other members of the fishing camp, and an investigation of the tent revealed the dead body of Tappan. Moraga accompanied Morales to this city on the Tripoli. Tappan, it seems, came to the mainland to spend Christmas with his sister, but his liking for drink for the better of his resolutions, and he returned to the island late last week. The tent in which the shooting occurred is the property of Vasquez, and the gun used also belongs to Vasquez.”