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TITTMANN, Eduard W. (1842-1877), born in St. Louis, Missouri, and older brother of Otto Hilgard Tittman, he died at Santa Catalina Island in 1877 at age 35. He was married to Minna D'Oench (1872-1947), and left behind two sons:

  • Eduard D'Oench Tittmann (1872-1947)
  • Alfred Tittmann (1874-1960)

In the News~

May 7, 1877 [SBDP]: “The body of Eduard Tittmann, Esq., who died of consumption at Santa Catalina Island on Thursday, was brought to this city yesterday by Captain Forney and O. H. Tittmann, brother of the deceased. Mr. Tittmann was a prominent lawyer of St. Louis and had gone to the island for the benefit of his health.”

May 8, 1877 [SBDP]: “E. Tittmann, Esq., who died last Thursday on the island of Santa Catalina, wintered in Santa Barbara last year, and spent many months among us. About two months ago he went with his brother, O. H. Tittmann, Esq., of the Coast Survey, to the island for change of air.”