TOUMEY, James William

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TOUMEY, James William (1865-1932), botanist, explorer and author of a number of botanical papers on silviculture and dendrology. Toumey taught at the Yale Forest School (est. 1900) to provide high-level forestry training suited to American conditions.

In 1915, Yale School of Forestry's second dean, James Toumey, became one of the "charter members", along with William L. Bray of the New York State College of Forestry, by then reestablished at Syracuse University, and Raphael Zon, of the Ecological Society of America. In 1950, the "activist wing" of that society formed The Nature Conservancy.

Jamey Toumey collected plants on Santa Catalina Island with Charles Sprague Sargent in September 1894. Specimens, principally woody plants, are in the U.S. National Herbarium the the University of Arizona.