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TRYCE, James Madison Andrew (1834-1871), a Texas-born pioneer, he was married to Maria Ramona de los Angeles Lorenzana (c. 1830-1880), native Californio seven years his junior. They had six children:

  • James Phillip “Santiago” Tryce (1861-1906)[Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara]
  • Francisco “Frank” Tryce (1862-1918) [Santa Maria Cemetery]
  • Andronico Tryce (1864-1948)
  • Andrew William ”Willie” Tryce (1866-1948)[Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City]
  • Alfreda Tryce (1866-1892)
  • Frederico Tryce (1867- )

James Tryce died on Santa Cruz Island on June 11, 1871 at age 37.

In the News~

June 17, 1871 [SBT]: “A pioneer gone. James Tryce, one of the early settlers of the county, died a few days since, while on a seal hunting expedition to the Channel Islands. He was taken sick while on San Miguel Island and removed from there to Santa Cruz Island where he died, being so low they dared not attempt bringing him to the mainland.”

June 17, 1871 [SBT]: “Died. At Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara County, June 11th, 1871, Mr. James A. Tryce, aged about 50 years.”