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THE QUEST, a Flying A Studios production, was filmed, in part, on Santa Cruz Island in 1914. It was released March 22, 1915.

In the News~

December 5, 1914 [SBDNI]: “Thrilling experience of film folk on island trip. Hurled from their feet by blasts of wind of almost cyclonic fury, while attempting to take pictures on the highest peak of Santa Cruz Island; forced to walk tied together with ropes for safety, along a narrow goat path, with a cliff of 1000 feet dropping sheer below them and darkness approaching, in order to regain their camp; and as a climax seeing one of their men nearly drowned when he fell overboard in a gale and was rescued by Captain Rosaline Vasquez, the lives of director Harry Pollard, Margarita Fischer and other players of the American feature company of the Flying A were endangered recently while they were on the island taking most of the exterior scenes of The Quest, a four-reel production, the initial one produced by Mr. Pollard’s company. Mr. Pollard today said the accident, which nearly cost the life of one of the men, occurred just as the powerboat Otter, of which Rosaline Vasquez is the captain, was preparing to return to the mainland with the players. A gale came up, and the sail gear became tangled in the propeller. Lonnie Marago, one of the cowboys employed in the company, climbed out on a spar and tried to free it. The boat was rolling and pitching in the heavy swell, and in one of the lurches, Marago lost his grip and fell overboard. He disappeared beneath the waves. Captain Vasquez hauled him out of the water from under the boat just in time… The company passed two weeks on the island, and nearly fifteen persons were needed to take the 125 scenes…”

March 16, 1915 [SBMP]:The Quest, the first Flying A Mutual Master Picture, was given a private showing at the Palace Theater yesterday afternoon... Most of the picture was produced on Santa Cruz Island...”

April 10, 1915 [SBMP]: “Beautiful Santa Cruz Island used for Flying A Master Picture, to be shown here. Margarita Fischer and Harry Pollard in The Quest. The above is one of the scenes taken at Santa Cruz Island that the American is using to herald The Quest, the five reel picture produced by Harry Pollard. Practically all the exterior scenes were taken on the island, which lies about 25 miles from the mainland.”

April 15, 1915 [SBMP]:The Quest... was the first picture produced by Henry Pollard, with Margarita Fischer and a large company of most capable players. Most of the scenes were taken on Santa Cruz Island, and it is full of wonderful effects...”

April 18, 1915 [SBMP]: “…Then comes The Quest, the truth of fiction made during El Capitan round-up. Real cowboy life is still a fascinating subject for motion pictures… The Quest, Harry Pollard’s brilliant production in five reels, will be shown at the Palace Wednesday and Thursday… The photography does full justice to the settings, most of which were taken at Santa Cruz Island…”

April 21, 1915 [SBMP]:The Quest, the first of the Flying A master pictures, will be shown at the Palace Theatre today and tomorrow with the usual matinees… Most of the action takes place on Santa Cruz Island… Margarita Fischer and Harry Pollard are in the leads…”

April 22, 1915 [SBMP]: “The fact that all previous attendance records were broken at the Palace yesterday shows to what extent Santa Barbara manifested its appreciation of the great Flying A master picture, The Quest, produced by Harry Pollard, with Margarita Fischer in the lead, supported by a great cast… Visions of wonderful island scenery, rugged shores, caves and romantic canyons …”

October 20, 1915 [SBMP]:The Quest, the spectacular five-reel American Master picture produced on Santa Cruz Island, will be the special feature today and tomorrow, playing a return engagement at this theater... The island stuff, however predominates, use having been made of some splendid outdoor scenery in the midst of which is located the strange tribe. Miss Fischer was never seen to better advantage than in this picture, and as the island maiden her beauty lends exceeding charm...”

October 21, 1915 [SBMP]:The Quest, one of the most delightful pictures ever made in Santa Barbara proved most pleasing... The greater part of the five reels was made at Santa Cruz Island...”