The Sea Hawk

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“A stirring tale of romance and adventure, this 1924 film tells the story of Oliver Tressilian, a British nobleman falsely accused of murder, who struggles vailiantly to restore his name and honor. The film stars Lloyd Hughes in the lead role, but The Sea Hawk is best known for its rousing sea battles, which were staged with such ferocious realism that movie-goers were left awed and hungry for more. To achieve such authenticity, full-scale wooden replicas of 16th-century warships were constructed and filmed doing battle off the coast of Catalina Island. Over a thousand extras participated in the filming, and the effect was so spectacular that Warner Brothers spliced scenes from the silent film into its 1940 remake of the same title, starring Errol Flynn. Motion Picture magazine called The Sea Hawk the year's "Best Picture," and a New York Times critic described the film as "far and away the best sea story that's yet been done..."” (

In the News~

January 16, 1924 [TI/Avalon]: “Several hundred of the "extras" who had been assisting in the filming of Harry Lloyd's sixteenth century picture, The Sea Hawk, at the Isthmus, returned to the mainland on Friday.”