Treasure of the Sea

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TREASURE OF THE SEA was filmed by Metro All-Star, in part, on Santa Catalina Island.

In the News~

August 14, 1918 [OC]: “While at Catalina Island acting in scenes for Treasure of the Sea, a Metro All-Star Series picture, which will be shown at the Lyric Theatre tomorrow, Edith Storey, combined art with patriotism by selling smileage books to tourists. The presence of the Metro star and her supporting company on the island soon became known among hotels of this coast resort, and throngs greeted Miss Storey every time she went on location. Miss Storey took advantage of the attention she was attracting and made a smileage book the price of admission as it were, for any who desired to see her work. In three days; time, Edith Storey sold nearly 200 smileage books. Also War News and Comedy.”