Tres Bocas, Santa Cruz Island

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"Tres Bocas Cave, Santa Cruz Island, Cal"

Tres Bocas, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. three mouths], is an old name for Cueva Valdez. According to Helen Caire [1993: 23-24]:

“Originally the cove [Cueva Valdez] was called Tres Bocas (three mouths), from the three openings of the cavern, but now it is known as Cueva Valdez after a cave, high and dry, out of sight of the shore. We were never able to find out about that cave. Somehow its name superseded the old Tres Bocas. What the island Indians called it is not known. Tres Bocas at the west end of the beach has three high entrances - one arch opens on the dry sand of the beach. The middle one, lipped by low waves, offers a smooth landing for a skiff. The third, even higher than the other two, is unapproachable by boat, for deep salt water swirls around huge boulders encrusted with sea life. This last mouth cannot be seen from the other two, for the great cavern, somewhat past its center, curves before ending here. The sandy floor of the cave is always damp; it is forever twilight in Cueva Tres Bocas.”

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